About us

Valbes Foods Ltd. is a newly formed company, established in August 2019. From 01 September it became the owner of Storko Cannery. The company is one of the largest employees in this industry in Bulgaria.

The cannery is located in the city of Pleven, in the center of Northern Bulgaria, which is a rich agricultural and vegetable region and provides virtually all the needs of the company for raw materials.

The company works in two directions - frozen and sterile

STORКO brand products can be found in almost all major retail chains in the country. The plant also produces several private brands of large customers, as well as some of the frozen products in the VALBE’s brand.

The owners of Storko Cannery have been known in the frozen vegetables industry for many years. As early as 1994, they established the company Valbe - S - Stamenov OOD and traded in blanched potatoes, a business that is still active today. The company is an official representative of one of the world leaders in the industry - Farm Frites. In 2003 they decided to expand the business and invest in a workshop for packaging frozen vegetables and vegetable mixes in the town of Botevgrad. Some of VALBE’s products are still packaged there. From the end of 2017, frozen Greek pies Leontiadis, which are officially distributed in Bulgaria, joined the company's portfolio. From September 1, 2019, the company became the owner of a cannery and trademark STORKO and the dream of closing the production cycle finally came true.

Everything in the company from negotiating the raw materials with the farmers in the region to the distribution and trade with customers and retail chains is carried out by the owner Valeri Stamenov and his brother - Bencho Stamenov.

The business is family, built with many years of work, love and dedication!